LAHORE - Dehli Lions Rugby Club defeated Lahore Rams Club 19-14 here at the University of Management and Sciences (UMR) on Thursday.

General Manager Coca Cola Corporation Pakistan Rizwan Ullah Khan was the chief guest during the match while Rector UMT Hassan Shoaib Murad, PRU president Fawzi Kawaja, secretary Arif Saeed and other officials of the federation met with both the teams.

In first half, Dehli boys played really well as Autar Manu scored a tri score (five points) followed by Devender who scored another tri score. After that Sarib scored a conversion and get two more points. Lahore Rams boys attacked at the dying minutes of the first half with two tri scores by Haji Anwar. At the end of first half, Dehli was leading 12-7.

In the second half, both the teams played brilliantly but again Dehli boys proved too good as Devender again scored a tri. For Lahore, Haji Anwar scored another tri. Before the end of second half, Lahore team tried to get a tri but could not get success thus Dehli Lions Club won the match by 19-14. At the end, chief guest Rizwan Ullah Khan and Rector UMT Hassan Shuaib Murad distributed shields among the winners.