Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that he does not need vote of confidence. Prime Minister Gilani speaking on the floor of the National Assembly said they were not against any institution, and bringing in Resolution for the strengthening of the Parliament and not against judiciary or military.

He said the constitution must be respected by everyone and they did not come in the assembly to get support on NRO. 'We didn't introduce the NRO',PM Gilani said.

He further said they also did not come in the parliament to get support against any institution.

"We have not come here to seek martyrdom, nor are we seeking support on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)," the premier said. "The opposition should tell us if the NRO was made by our government," the prime minister questioned adding that PPP would not beg to stay in government. 'Democracy is all that matters'.

Parliament has to decide whether there should be democracy or dictatorship, Gilani said and added that the parliament has the right to do anything it wants.

'If we're out, you're out, everyone is out "he asserted.

We are politicians, if we don't make mistakes, who will? But democracy should not suffer for our mistakes, the PM added.Gilani said he had assured judges that he had no problems with them.

The prime minister said 'it is a matter of record that his government is the first to bring Chief of Army Staff before parliament'.

He urged the parliamentarian to get united, saying that whenever there is a problem, all communities, even crows, unite. Gilani said whoever wants to initiate a no-confidence motion in the parliament, he is free to do so.

He said everyone should respect the constitution and those who want to cut short the terms of the prime minister and the president should propose amendments to the constitution.

He further said that "if a new stage is set up, it would neither welcome the current government, nor the existing opposition".

Regarding the judiciary, he said: "We went to prisons for the judge, faced treason cases for standing up for Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry."

Gilani said voting on the resolution will be held on Monday with consensus and respecting the proposed amendments of the opposition parties.

Reacting on the criticism of the opposition leader over the government policies the Prime Minister said that all the political forces should join hands for the protection of the system.

The Prime Minister ruled out the impression that the current emergency session has been summoned to get support of the political parties against any institution. He said we respect the institutions and are not against any of them.