LAHORE – The Lahore High Court Registrar Sohail Abdul Nasir expressed his displeasure over multiple errors in the official reports being complied by the IT Branch and directed the officials to improve it to facilitate the litigants and the lawyers.

At present the IT branch of the LHC is giving final touches to the reports related to the cases, which are pending and disposed of during the previous years.

Sources said the registrar called an emergency meeting on Wednesday in order to improve the efficiency of reports preparing system by IT branch. The meeting was also attended by judicial and IT branch officials.

The registrar expressed his serious concerns when tally of pending and disposed cases was not matching with the data provided by the other branches including writ branch, criminal and civil branch.

The registrar also directed authorities concerned to prepare error-free reports in order to avoid any confusion in future.

Earlier, the LHC registrar come to know that the reports prepared by judicial branch and IT branch had blunders in data relating to number of cases. The reports prepared by IT branch were showing high number of pending cases than the date prepared by judicial branch. According to the reports prepared by IT branch, 10,571 criminal cases are pending for the last 10 years while about 19, 000 new cases are pending since March 2011. Almost 54,456 civil cases are also pending for the last decade while about 71,000 new cases are pending since March 2011, the report said.

However, the officials of writ, criminal and civil branches are of the view that the number of pending cases are not according to their physical record as these numbers are not actual as stated in the report prepared by IT branch.

The registrar also directed the IT and judicial branch officials to up-grade the date and make it error-free.