General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, has decided to return to the county in the end of this month. Before his sojourn back home, he intends to meet David Miliband in UK and King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia to secure guarantees for his safety when he arrives back after almost four years of self-exile.

Musharraf has chosen Chitral, as his new constituency to contest the next elections. Perhaps, he speaks Chitrali fluently that's why he is sure of influencing people and winning votes. I am, however, concerned about his safety, since Talal Akbar Bugti has already announced to pay a billion as the General's head money. Even if the government deputes dedicated security guards to protect him, who knows one of them might change his mind, as in the case of Salman Taseer and Indira Gandhi - both gunned down by their guards.

Musharraf must pay for his security himself, instead of encumbering poor taxpayers. He is loaded with so much wealth that ordinary calculators fail to count.


Norway, January 12.