WARBURTON - Bandits in organised form went on the rampage in Warburton and deprived a many residents of millions of rupees gold ornaments and other valuables as well as huge cash.

Fifteen armed dacoits looted three contiguous houses of Rai Amjad Ali and his relatives. Reportedly, seven out of the fifteen armed dacoits, entered into the three combined homes in village Walgon Sattar at midnight and locked the whole family members in a single room except Amjad Ali to be used in search of valuables in the houses.

They swept away all household from precious 40 tolas of gold ornaments worth Rs2.5 million to cheap dresses fled away on seven 125 motorcycles. However, Amja Ali and villagers detained a mysterious person who was roaming round the village and was handed over to the police.

In another robbery, some criminals snatched a few cattle of a farmer of nearby village Bakhtawar Kot. As opened fire, the farmer ran away while dacoits loaded the truck with cattle vanished within minutes. Similarly, two robbers snatched a new car in village Jhaghar Laal Wala however, the care turned turtle when they reached Warburton due to over speeding. The robbers left the damaged car there and ran away.

It is also learnt that robbers, burglars and snatcher are in the form of well organized groups to perform their criminal activities in the area. They get information from women who monitor daily activities of people of targeted home.

Then they entered into these home and communicate using code words with the men waiting nearby target home. They generally use “number of capsules” for how many men at home while “goli” for women at home that is very serious and alarming situation to be controlled by the law and order agencies.