Pakistan’s real problem is that it has extremely corrupted, uneducated and uncivilised political leaders running the state of affairs. None of them have leadership traits. They absolutely have no understanding of the basic concepts of politics, economics or public administration, what to talk of foreign affairs?

If we analyse the current regime’s four-year tenure, it clearly shows that those at the helm of affairs had no idea of what they were doing. This is why, unfortunately, no decision or action of the federal government has gone in favour of the masses. Disasters creeped in one after the other; corruption, defalcation of funds and wrong decisions were the obvious result of their presence. In short, these so-called democratic rulers have no sense at all about the basic principles of management. It seems that they need to go to management schools and attend training moots before they occupy these positions. To me, it seems that they are joking with the 180 million people of the country.


Karachi, January 10.