PESHAWAR - Former federal minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, leader Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti has warned the government that if it takes any step against the judiciary, the PTI ‘tsunami’ will take to roads.

“We will throw the rulers out of their luxurious palaces,” he said, adding that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was conspiring against the parliament, because he wanted to be martyred. “But I want to tell him that after looting the country for four years, one cannot become a martyred.” This he said while addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, where an artist Ejaz Mir announced joining the PTI on Thursday.

Khwaja Hoti said army should be under the defence ministry but the government should also obey the rule of law and the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court orders the government to write a letter to Swiss government and the president and PM clearly deny, then one can assume who is conspiring against democracy, he maintained. He said 2012 was the year of change and Imran Khan would bring a real change in the country.

Replying to a question, Khwaja said he assumed that President Zardari would come back from Dubai.

He said army was not willing to take over and it will never do so.

He also condemned the remarks made by the President, PM and Babar Awan about the decisions of the Supreme Court.

On this occasion, Ejaz Mir announced to join PTI during the press conference.

He said Imran Khan could be the only saviour of Pakistan. He said he was inspired by Imran Khan since his childhood and he had been a part of his fund raising campaign for Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital in the past.

Junaid Iqbal from MALAKAND adds: Khawaja Mohammad Khan Hoti has said that he will contest the upcoming election from KP-23, Mardan, against Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti and prove as to who is the public leader and who is ‘paper leader’. 

This he announced here at the occasion held in connection with Pakistan People’s Party, Malakand chapter, leader Jabar-ul-Haq joining of PTI. Khawaja Hoti said the party that had claimed to give 100 units free of cost electricity to the KP dwellers sent the people back in the darkness.

He said those who made promises to give pens in the hands of Pakhtuns instead of weapons made the province a ‘dump of explosives’. He said all those who called them ‘Lota’ should see their own reality. He said the country was passing through a critical stage, but the ‘incapable’ rulers were busy increasing their own wealth.

He said corruption was prevailing from top to bottom in every sector of the government. “The rulers are going on the path of tussle with every institution, which wants to restrain them from wrongdoings,” he said. He said PTI workers would stand by the Supreme Court if the government took any unlawful act against it. He said he joined PTI in order to achieve certain goals, adding that his main objective was to eliminate corruption from all government institutions. He said the PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s aim was also to fight against corruption. He said his goal could be achieved with the co-operation of people. He said he did not achieve this goal, he would again resign. He criticised the PPP and said those who claimed to give ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’ gave the people ‘Goli, Kafan aur Qabr.’ He said Pakistani people were now fed up with these ‘corrupt’ rulers and wanted a real change in the lives of their dear ones.

Jabar-ul-Haq of PPP, Mohammad Zamin Khan of ANP and Yaqoob Messiah from minorities also joined PTI on this occasion.