RAJANPUR - Rajanpur district is 161 km away from Sui, a hub of natural gas, but the local people are still deprived of the facility since its discovery in 1952 and production in 1955.

Leaders of all the political parties repeatedly announced provision of gas to the district only on the eve of elections, but later they forget what they pledge. In 1997, foundation stone for distribution plan to Jampur City was laid by Javaid Jabbar and former late president Farooq Khan Leghari and Rs380 million were spent to materialise the plan but now all the lain pipe lines have rusted.

On the recommendations of Balkh Sher Khan Mazari, ex-prime minister and MNA Mir Dost Mohammad Khan Mazari, the PPP government had approved a plan to supply gas to Rajanpur and to extend it to Jampur. In Rajanpur, pipelines were also being laid. However, all of sudden, the work in progress has been suspended. According to sources it was due to political differences. Political and social circle are showing their great concern and request the federal government to complete the project.