LAHORE – The PTI could talk to the PML-N only if the latter opted to resign from the Parliament, PTI chief Imran Khan said here on Thursday. “Their (PML-N’s) quitting the Parliament would build pressure on the PPP-led corrupt government to hold snap polls and give way to a new leadership for steering the country out of the crises,” Imran said.

Talking to media on the occasion of inclusion of former provincial minister Abdul Aleem Khan and his associates into the PTI, Imran also responded to several other queries regarding the PTI’s possibility of a dialogue with the PML-N. On a question about making the PML-N a future alliance partner, Imran said they (PML-N high command) deceived “us twice and if it was serious about sending corrupt rulers in its fold home, it should asks its lawmakers to quit the Parliament.”

Former MPAs belonging to PML-Q and PML-N and ex-town nazims, Lahore also join hands with Imran Khan during a meeting with PTI chief at his residence in an earlier meeting. Prominent among the former members of the provincial assembly who joined the PTI include Mansha Sindhu, Iftikhar Banghu, Shoiab Siddiqui, Mian Asghar, Ch Talib, Riffat Javed Kahlu, Nasir Samma and ex-town nazims Javed Ali and Faraz A Chaudhary.

Imran said that people want change, however the PTI would not support any unconstitutional move to bring a change in the country and added that PTI would stand behind constitution and democracy and not support a military dictatorship. He said that the elements wanted to derail the democratic process were attacking the defying the orders of the superior judiciary, adding that a real democracy demands across the board accountability.

PTI chief said that the PPP-led government should act upon the directions of the judiciary, as following the directions of the courts was a symbol of true democracy. He said that no political party has freed the judiciary from the dictatorial regime but this victory belongs to the masses. Imran warned the sitting rulers that they would took to the streets along with the likeminded political forces if the government tried any move against the judiciary on January 16. He said that the government following the directions of the Supreme Court should write letter to the Swiss Courts, set up an independent election commission and caretaker government for holding free and fair polls. Imran said that PTI would not be part of any caretaker set up, as it would contest the general elections and form an elected government.