LAHORE – The law-enforcement agencies have been put on high-alert across the country to thwart any possible terror attacks especially in the major cities as foreign- sponsored terrorists have launched psychological war against Pakistan Army, threatening suicidal attacks on government installations, religious gatherings and security forces.

It was reliably learnt that a great number of fake videos and forged photos have been uploaded by Taliban elements on different propaganda websites to prompt innocent people to join their groups.

The aim is to show Pak Army as their real enemy while boasting jingles and catchwords are being used with a firm resolve to defeat Pak Army. They also show videos of Taliban successes like downing of US Chinook Chopper, IED Operations and cutting throats of an alleged spy.

Highly-placed sources confided to The Nation on Thursday that several Taliban groups have intensified psychological war against the security forces by using various media tools including internet and cellular phone technology besides printed and provocative materials, circulating in various parts of the country.  It is also learnt that having succeeded to mentally envelop the simple and straightforward individuals into their treacherous folds, the terrorists motivate their ranks by projecting Pakistani security forces as their enemy, who have allegedly joined hands with US.  The terrorists also make speeches using phrases and slogans while glorifying the killed Taliban by showing their bodies with Jihadi music or poems (in Pushto) played in the background on the sites.

The video clips also show fake scenes of destroyed tanks of Pakistani Army in Swat and forged photos. Some forged and tailored pictures also show Pak Army soldiers’ alleged involvement in torturing the prisoners.

A few fictitious photographs of Pak Army soldiers resting in hilly areas with US personnel are also circulating in various parts of the country.

Sources in the Federal government, who regularly monitor Taliban propaganda websites, while confirming the development disclosed to this reporter that the terrorists had stepped up employing ‘clever schemes’ and wicked propaganda to attract youngsters to join their ranks and groups.  ‘During the last couple of months, the government experts have observed that the Taliban have stepped up their propaganda campaign to recruit youth. Battered by military operations in the northwest, they (Taliban) are also uploading multiple messages with a firm resolve to defeat Pak Army’, an official familiar with the reports said.

According to him, such psychological techniques are used to motivate the recruits to undertake terrorist training willingly.

‘They also infuse a ray of hope in their ranks by boasting the fearlessness and heroic bravery of terrorist leaders’, a senior government official and security expert said, requesting his identity not to be revealed.

Referring to the elements of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, he said that they themselves had gone astray and were being supported by foreign masters to accomplish their agenda.  The propaganda video clips being used by them are totally forged based on malicious intentions. They have no respect for religion and Islam and use brutal acts of violence to meet their objectives, he said.

Recent example of cold blooded murder of 15 FC soldiers, who had been kidnapped for ransom and or for negotiating swap with their top leaders already arrested by security forces, is a case in point, he added. 

‘Infact, the command structure of the Taliban is splintered, fragile and divided into many off-shoots and they are cash strapped as well’, experts said.

According to security agencies, the Taliban elements were behind the bank robberies, which took place in different parts of the country during the last couple of months because they are running out of money.

This helps the Army and the government in the bigger picture because the Taliban are now divided and weak.

Taking advantage of the situation, the government and military could separate more leaders from the TTP and also fighters from their commanders.