ISLAMABAD - Expressing their frustration over the long-standing issue of power outages in the campus, the teaching faculty of Quaid-I-Azam University has warned to stage protest demonstrations in front of Iesco head office, which despite receiving heavy sums from the university has failed to provide alternative electricity connection from the Diplomatic Enclave.

The teaching faculty raised the issue at a meeting of Academic Staff Association of the university. The faculty noted that frequent blackouts have been affecting not only the faculty but the students as well in the crucial days of ongoing semester exams.

They said that despite paying heavy sums to Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) the university has not yet managed to arrange alternative electricity connection from the Diplomatic Enclave. They were of the view that the administration should take the faculty in confidence regarding the difficulties in this matter.

According to students, the classrooms are not spacious enough and the building is also not designed in a way that the students can continue their academic activities during outages so during power breakdown the students are left with no other option but to take their exams in the dark.

The faculty members suggested that at least a better and stable loadshedding schedule be negotiated with the Iesco with no deviation allowed so that the unscheduled outages do not affect the studies of the students and they could take their exams without any difficulties. The faculty resolved if the IESCO did not take prompt action, the campus community would constrained to demonstrate in front of the Iesco head office. The issue of non-implementation of performance-based (Basic Pay Scale) BPS-Incentives was also discussed. They voiced their disquiet that performance-based BPS Incentives, despite being approved by university Syndicate and vetted by Higher Education Commission, have not yet been awarded for the year 2009 and onwards while the decision of salary raise for faculty members working on Tenure Track System have been implemented timely.

It was observed that performance based BPS Incentives is part of the Tenure Track System package, which should not be implemented selectively and separately. They demanded an immediate award of pending BPS Incentives and streamlining of mechanism for future awards as well. The teaching faculty also showed concern on the non-payment of new rates of House Rent Ceiling and MPhil/PhD allowances by the university.  The faculty members showed great concern on the issue of university land grabbing by some outside groups. According to information about 13 villages have been established since years inside the university and many influentials of the area have built their houses on the university land due to lack of any clear land demarcation and boundary wall.     

The faculty demanded the university administration to complete the university boundary wall as soon as possible suggesting that at least a clear demarcation of the university land should be made.  The implementation of GAT requirement for MPhil admissions without being discussed in relevant and authorized body of Academic Council has also created unrest among the faculty and the students. It was feared that such criterion might negatively affect the MPhil admissions.

They have termed the implementation a clear violation of the decision of the Academic Council. According to them it is not in the preview of the Advance Study and Research Board to formulate the rules as the academic rules-making body is Academic Council and Syndicate.