RAWALPINDI – All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Potohar Town Convener, Nasurallah Khan Jarral, has said that those who dreaming to handcuff former President Pervez Musharraf up on his return to Pakistan were actually living in fool’s paradise, as 180 million people of Pakistan are supporting Musharraf and they would not allow them to send Musharraf to jail

A situation of uncertainty has been prevailing in the country while people were facing hardships owing to erroneous policies of the government, said Nasrullah adding that only President Musharraf could put the country on the way to prosperity and development.

He said this while addressing a gathering of APML workers at Glass Factory here on Thursday. On the occasion, former president Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Dr Hassan Sarosh, Malik Muhammad Ayub Awan, Sheikh Kuko, Aakash Raj and a large number of other workers and office bearers were also present.

PML-Q former office bearer Sabir Khan, on the occasion, also joined APML along with his dozens of companions.

While addressing, APML Potohar Town Convener said that those who declared Musharraf as dictator had destroyed country because of their wrong policies. He said that prices of common things were beyond the reach of poor that was why crime rate was also high. Country was facing worst king of energy crises, he said in addition with the rulers were busy in looting the country with both hands.

He said that Musharraf solved common man problems by introducing local bodies system.