WAZIRABAD - Loadshedding of 20 hours and periodical closure of canals have caused shortage of water for irrigation of wheat crops on the vast area of south bank of River Chenab here.

Representative of wheat growers of the tehsil and its adjacent areas namely Liaqat Ali told newsmen that no water was available for irrigation because of closure of tube wells due to 20 hours loadshedding and periodical closure of Canals for de-silting. Recent rains gave relief to wheat crop only for 3-4 days whereas wheat crops need timely irrigation, he said.

He added that wheat had been cultivated on a huge land which was at stake due to lack of proper irrigation.  Cultivators may face loss of millions of rupees and area may face situation of drought as well, he added. “Tehsil Wazirabad is called a wheat producing hub which is now facing scarcity of water.  If the situation prevails, more area will be stretched towards drought,” he said. He demanded preparation of special power schedule for tube well to irrigate the crops.