Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was to be under investigation by NAB as per orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan for corruption in rental power plants. It appears that the greater the level of corruption, the higher one goes. Take the example of Raja being catapulted to becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. How come in Pakistan the more corrupt you are the more elevated position you are given? How is it that the president elevated Raja to be head of the government? PPP stalwarts always claim that they carry out all the orders of the apex court issued from time to time. What kind of message is being given to the people of Pakistan that everyone is free to indulge in corruption on massive scale to qualify for high posts in the government? The recent case of OGRA’s D.G running away with 84 billion rupees of public money, is a disgusting example of the plunder by the PPP henchmen who have plundered the and yet hope to return to power in the 2013 elections?


Lahore, January 8.