RAWALPINDI – The federal government should immediately dissolve Balochistan Assembly as per verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) and hold new elections to maintain peace and prosperity in the volatile province.

“Only those legislators can bring stability and peace back in the province who will be elected through fair and free elections,” said Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhunazada while responding to queries of media men at a press conference held here at Al-Ikram Building on Saturday.

He was flanked by JI Ameer Rawalpindi District Sajjad Abbasi, Naib Ameer Shamas-ur-Rehman Swati, Sheikh Masood and media manager Malik Azam.

Akhunzada, while replying to other queries, said that the federal government as well other major political parties have turned a blind eye towards Balochistan issue and are busying in protecting their rights and political culture. He said that the MPs of Balochistan government also shown sheer negligence in resolving the problems of the Balochies which created anarchy in the province. He said that missing persons and target killing issues were very lethal and JI always condemned it.

He said that Pakistan could face fall of Dhaka situation once again if good leadership did not reach in provincial assembly.

He said that awarding routes to NATO supply line at Torkham and Chaman also leading to deadliest attacks in Balochistan. He held the establishment responsible for disorder and bloodshed in Balochistan.

Earlier, Abdul Mateen said that Khyber Pakhtonkhuwa, Karachi, Wazirsitan in general and Balochistan in particular have been suffering with barbaric acts of terrorism for long but no body in the government taking care of it.

He said that PPP led government had entered into his fifth year of power but could not provide relief to the masses.

He said that Balochistan, the most important part of Pakistan geographically, was on fire emotionally, socially and politically. Hardly passed a day, when hundreds of innocent people were not burnt alive in the province, he said adding that “We are sitting on the heap of explosive”. Balochistan has become a burning issue that need to be resolved on emergency basis.

JI Ameer Balochistan said that the ongoing injustice have been filling the minds of youth of Balochistan with hatred against Punjab, Sindh and Pakistan Army. He said that this mindset would keep the Baloch fighting and dying with deeper anger against the centre and security forces.

He said that denial of a problem in Balochistan and blaming the third hand and outside agencies could not solve the issue .

“I think our own institutions are involved in fueling fire in Balochistan” he said. He said that The Balochies were seeking justice, a fair deal, empowerment and autonomy.

The Balochistan issue has not reached a stage of no return. However, the province could fast slip out of our hands and Pakistan could see once against 1971 fall of Dhaka situation if the center or the major political forces did not take concrete measures. “It is the responsibility of the all countrymen to throw water on the fire burning in Balochistan” he said.

JI Ameer Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhunzada and others condemned Quetta terrorist attacks.