RAWALPINDI – On the call of Majlis-e-Wahad-ul-Muslim (MWM), protesters blocked Islamabad Expressway at Faizaabad to protest the criminal silence of the federal and Balochistan governments over plight of victim families of Quetta bloodshed who have been staging sit-in for the last two days.

According to details, more than 250 protestors including women and children staged a sit-in at Faizabad blocking Islamabad Expressway. They bellowed slogans against PPP leadership and Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani for not redressing the grievances of protestors in Quetta.

Like Quetta, no government representative approached the protesting persons at Faizabad that was likely to be blocked by Islamabad police to check the entry of the long march by Tehrik Minhaj-ul-Quran (TMQ). The MWM protestors at Islamabad Expressway triggered a massive gridlock in the twin cities, posing hardships for commuters.

MWM Deputy Secretary General Allama Amin Mushadi, while talking to media men, said that they demanded of the government to hand over Quetta to Pakistan Army as the provincial government had failed to secure the lives and properties of the citizens. He said that the families of the deceased had been staging a sit-in at Alamdar Chowk by placing the dead bodies for last 30 hours but not a single government official came there to listen the ordeals of the protesting people.

The representative of the protestors said as long as their demand for army control in Quetta and targeted military action against the terrorists in Balochistan they would continue raising voices against the incapability of the federal and provincial governments.

Depicting the agonies of the families of the deceased Allama Amin said the injured were not given proper treatment at the hospitals keeping in the severity of the blast wounds and three persons died of their injuries on Saturday.

Denouncing the criminal mum on the part of government, he said that 19 charred dead bodies had been lying in Rawalpindi hospitals for two weeks and the authorities had been unable to conduct their DNAs to ensure the delivery for the bodies to the claiming families.

In response to a question Allama Amin said they would join Dr Qadri’s long march as they were dissatisfied with the performance and ability of the government as far as the security of the common people was concerned.

Till filing of this report the protestors were sitting under the Faizabad flyover and blocked the vehicular traffic for the last three hours.