According to reports Syed Pervez Ali Shah, of Pakistan People’s Party has joined PML-N. Some enthusiasts of Muslim League-N are seeing this event as a major change in political scenario in interior Sindh. Political dynamics in rural Sindh province are altogether different than that of Punjab. Sindh politics revolves around three major factors, the Sindhi cultural nationalism which is by far the most important factor, a heavy weight electable who enjoys support on the basis of economic and social factors for example family, in some parts tribes plus considerable land holdings. The third factor is the party ticket which is like getting some additional marks for cleanliness.

The party ticket factor could further be divided into the nationalistic and non nationalistic sentiments. Keeping the above argument in mind one can suggest to Muslim League enthusiasts that if they want to make an impression in interior Sindh, they need to align themselves with the cultural nationalism, which seems quite a task for a party which has its stronghold in Punjab. The political and cultural sentiments in interior Sindh are so emulsified that most of the time any political force, alien to Sindh, finds it very hard to understand. It is the biggest and the strongest factor in interior Sindh. One may see few bigwigs changing political loyalties for personal interest or party grudges but this would not alter political scene in rural Sind. This change also reflects pragmatism in Pakistani politics where principles are almost nonexistent and personal interests are the driving force in changing political stance.


Australia, January 9.