LAHORE – Majority of filling stations suspended fuel sale to motorists in the City on Saturday, fearing halt to supply during long-march days.

Reportedly, other cities of the province had also passing through the same situation, leaving commuters disturbed.

Fear of shortage petrol led to panic among motorists as they thronged filling stations to get their vehicles fuelled. The CNG stations across the province had been following load management plan.

The supply of gas was halted owing to ‘severe shortage’ of gas in Sngpl’s network. The company says supply would not be resumed till the improvement in weather condition. An official at the Sngpl said that at present consumers were facing a gas shortage of 1.2 billion cubic feet (BCF) per day, adding that gas demand was 3 BCF while current supply was 1.8 BCF.

Long queues of vehicles and bikes were seen during night at some filling outlets where the supply was continuing.

“In the prevailing scenarios, I have no alternate but to fill tankers of my car. I don’t know what will happen in next,” said a car owner while standing in long queue at a petrol station on Fatima Jinnah Road. He said he was standing in queue since 20 minutes.

People were seen in clustered on the City’s fuel outlets on late Friday night as they feared the government might suspend petrol supply on Saturday.