SWAT - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and social activist Salma Naz has said that merely uttering words to condemn terrorists’ atrocities cannot suffice, but the terrorist activities need to be stopped.

She condemned the Thursday evening incident wherein 27 innocent preachers of Islam were killed while 68 others got critically injured.

She said it was a stunning factor that the electronic media has paid no heed to this gory incident.

“We are not protected even in our places of peace and worship,” she was talking exclusively to TheNation. She said it was the worst form of terrorism against innocent civilians and needed to be stopped.

The explosive material was planted inside a Tableeghi mosque where people gathered to attend the weekly gathering held every Thursday after Maghrib prayer.

Salma Naz further stated that attacking our mosques would be the act of people who are targeting the religious and public gatherings; they are not only the enemies of the nation and country but also the enemies of Islam.

Beside all, a big question raised for security measurement, security agencies, police and the incumbent government who made high claims for restoring peace in the valley has to answer it.

No mourning, no proper action, no condemnation from any authority came yet which is an eye opening act for the whole country, it was just like a routine game of killing innocent and peaceful citizens of swat battle field and even in the biggest Islamic Preaching centre of Swat.

“If they can kill innocent citizens at worship and workplaces, there is no need to think much about to eliminate these enemies of humanity,” she added that it’s very shameful that electronic media is showing double standard, attack on Malala Yousafzai, was highlighted and it was condemn widely but 27 people martyred in a blast in Mingora at Tableeghi Markaz media did not paid coverage to it. No condemnation from high official from Pakistan nor from worldwide. If these people don’t spare funerals, weddings, worship places and schools, what can you say about their mentality?” she asked. “They are just barbaric terrorists and need to be crushed.” She demands from highly authorities they should take immediate actions on this cruel incident and the government should announce compensation for the affect’s of the attacked.