PESHAWAR - Expressing grief and anger over the increasing sectarian killings, the leaders of Shiite community demanded of the Khyber Pakthunkhwa government to expose the killers of Dr Riaz and ensure protection to the community across the country.

Head of Jamia Shaheed Arif Hussain, Allama Jawad Hadi while speaking at a news conference on Saturday here at Peshawar press club, said that certain anti-state forces in the country were spreading hatred among the Shia and Suni sects by fulfilling their nefarious designs to spread anarchy in the country. The government, he said was unaware of the existing situation adding the genocide of Shiatees in Quetta and other parts of the country should immediately be stopped.

“We are also the citizens of Pakistan and the government must ensure protection to the victimized community, he lamented. Flanked by the president of the tribal Tori Bangash Council (TBC) Gulab Hussain, and Chairman Youth of Parachinar, Syed Ali Shah, Mr Hadi pressed the federal and provincial govts to deal with the anti-shia elements with iron hands as such incidents creating uncertainty among the new generation.

He also criticized Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for failing to maintain the law and order situation in Kurram agency, and adding that a number of businessmen, doctors, human rights activists and students were been lost their lives in sectarian-target killings in the agency.

Earlier, scores of the Imamia Students Organization, Tori Bangash Council and Youth of Parachinar jointly staged a protest demonstration against the murder of Dr Syed Riaz here on Sher Shah Suri Road.

The protestor led by chairman Youth of Parachanar were holding placards and banner inscribed with slogans condemning sectarian killings, and raised full-throated slogans against the government for failing to control sectarianism.