ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court is likely to take up the petition filed by General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf on Monday (today), seeking stay of his trial in a special court on treason charges.

The special court has summoned Musharraf for the fifth time on January 16. According to one of his lawyers Mohammad Ibrahim Satti, an application has been filed in the Supreme Court the other day with a request to fix Gen Musharraf’s review petition for January 16 and stay the trial before the special court. Musharraf’s legal team is banking on the Supreme Court and hoping that it will intervene in a bid to prevent his appearance before the special court in a bid to preempt issuance of an adverse order, as non-bailable warrants could be passed by the Special Court on January 16. On December 23, Musharraf filed a petition after a delay of over four years seeking a review of the landmark July 31, 2009, verdict which denounced successive military takeovers and their endorsement by the superior judiciary and declared proclamation of emergency and cancellation of appointments of over 100 superior court judges on November 3, 2007, by the military ruler a second coup.

The court office returned the review petition with eight objections against which an appeal was preferred. On January 8, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali ordered the court office to place the appeal, along with the review petition, before a Supreme Court bench to decide about the objections as well as the request for revisiting the 2009 judgement.

On Saturday, Gen Musharraf filed two applications - one asking for a hearing of the review petition on January 16 and staying the proceedings before the trial court and the other for removing the minor objections raised by the court office for which Justice Jamali had granted permission a few days.