How strange that the country is under immense pressure due to terrorists’ destructions while the complete gadgetry, weapon, and ammunition is easily available for them in our country. The Bara market and Karkhano market in Peshawar where weapons are sold openly are an invitation to anyone to pick up arms and become a terrorist! The weapon factories in Darra Adam Khel and tribal belt, the weapons markets in Quetta and Karachi are filled with modern fighting gadgetry ranging from a normal military uniform and boots to equipment like night vision goggles and laser range finders.

The text books of Allied forces deployed in Afghanistan; covering topics of vast military expertise and fighting capabilities are in easy access to terrorists. The government refreshes its resolve to end terrorism on daily basis while little has actually been done. To prevent more terrorist attacks the government must also lay emphasis on curtailment of such equipment and must give first priority to keeping it out of reach of undesired elements.


Buner, January 11.