After the collapse of film industry in Pakistan our drama industry has also been invaded by the Turkish drama which is in demand in Pakistan. Due to the invasion of these Turkish dramas our drama industry is at risk we need to save our drama industry. The Pakistani dramas were considered a big industry and played a pivotal role in influencing our people. But now people are watching Turkish dramas. They portray a different culture than ours and we are replacing our own culture and norms which can be very harmful for our future generations.

This is what happened a decade ago to our film industry when people were influenced by the Indian movies and ignored Pakistani movies. Drama and movie are the reflection of a culture and society. Cinema is considered a tool to teach the people cultural and moral values. Particularly children who are quick to imitate what they see on TV. Obviously when they see Turkish drama and Indians movies in cinema they easily adopt their values and culture.

There is a need to promote our own dramas which provides jobs to our talented artists as well as saves foreign exchange. We also need to save our culture for our youth otherwise we will face severe consequences and lose our values and culture. Our government and particularly Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should take steps to ban Turkish dramas on Pakistani channels. If they find anyone violating the rules and regulations they should give them exemplary punishment.


Lahore, January 10.