ISLAMABAD - Punjab's capital city Lahore has come into spotlight this time for promoting cronyism by the top leadership of the ruling PML-N.

PML-N's decision to appoint Salman Aslam Butt Advocate as next attorney general has evoked strong reaction in the rival political parties, which accused the PML-N leadership of eroding merit by making appointments of their kith and kin and close relatives on key government positions.

"There is no end to the ongoing cronyism. It has become a family affair. The PML-N leadership is appointing their sons, daughters and close relatives on important key positions regardless of the merit," ANP central leader Haji Mohammad Adeel agitated.

Haji Adeel was upset the way the top leadership of the ruling party is running the country. During his speech on political and security situation in the Senate last week, he spoke at length about Sharif family in ruling the country.

Similarly, PTI Information Secretary MNA Dr Shireen Mazrai also condemned the appointment of Salman Butt as new AG. "This is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan," she said while talking to The Nation on Sunday. She was of the view that like the previous rulers, the PML-N is making appointments of blue-eyed persons on key position in total disregard of merit. People of Pakistan will not accept one family rule. Pakistan is not fiefdom of one family. The government must have upheld the rule of law," Dr Mazari added.

She criticised the self-styled governance of the PML-N, saying the ruling party has been targeting honest people in the government including the former Chairman NADRA who refused to budge from obliging the government in stopping verification process of illegal voting in May 11 general elections.

She said PTI is against cronyism, nepotism and one family rule in the country, adding that PTI stands for rule of law and that is why it was against the PPP rule that also followed the same policy in total disregard to rule of law and merit.

The PML-N's decision to appoint Salman Aslam Butt as new attorney general has also evoked strong reaction among the legal community and there were reports that a group of senior lawyers have decided to challenge the new appointment in the court of law. "We are just waiting for the appointment and will approach the relevant court to challenge the decision," a senior lawyer privy to the development said.