The commuters who travel between Khanewal and Multan called for an action against overcharging and overloading by the transporters.

They said that a large number of commuters including females and students, workers and traders have to travel daily in connection with their liabilities and duties and suffer various difficulties during travelling. Anjum Bashir, a citizen, said that the distance between Khanewal and Multan was merely 45km but the fare charged is Rs90 which is contrary to rate fixed by the regional transport authority.

He said that during peak hours, the transporters fleece the passengers besides overloading their public service vehicles. A van can accommodate 16 passengers but they stuff additionally two to three passengers in vehicles thus creating suffocation and making it dangerous, observed a lady health worker. A school teacher said that the vehicles were not being checked for fitness.

COMPLAINT AGAINST COPS: A vendor at Khanewal Railways Station has complained IG Railways against two police head constables namely Maqbul and Jam Islam.

He alleged that they forced him to serve them free of cost and on refusal they not only extorted his pocket money worth Rs4,000 but also attempted to throw him out of the train on his resistance. The IG has sought a report from a railways police officer regarding the incident within a week.