ISLAMABAD - Punjab Squash Association (PSA) after smelling defeat on head coach Jamshed Gul removal issue has planned another move to get their right man inducted into the coaching job.

Highly responsible sources in Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) have confirmed the move on condition of anonymity that PSA is all set to float the name of Sohail Qaiser, who is also the nephew of Punjab Squash Association coach Gogi Alauddin, as assistant to head coach Jamshed Gul, in the coming Annual General Meeting of the federation set to be held on 24th of this month.

The sources confirmed that PSA would emphasise firstly to hand over the reins of junior team to Sohail and if the idea failed to get required backing in the meeting, then they would insist on including Sohail as assistant to Jamshed. In both cases, the idea looks to backfire as firstly federation doesn't required any assistant coaches and secondly the most important thing which would come under consideration is Sohail doesn't have the required coaching experience nor he had appeared in any courses yet. Inside sources have further confirmed to this scribe that PSA is busy in arranging fake courses certificates for Sohail and are running from post to pillar in this regard.

Meanwhile, the PSF is going to hold the long over-due camp for Asian Seniors Team Championship from 15th of this month at Hashim Khan Squash Complex, Peshawar. To amny the holding of camp at that venue for saving few bucks could prove a disaster for the team due to the lack of the facilities at the venue and the weather and conditions would not suit players to prepare properly for the event to be held in Hong Kong.

When contacted, PSF secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz said there were some moves to change the coach but the federation could not afford change of coach at this particular time when only few months left in major events.  Amir said as Jamshed has been positioned in Peshawar the PSF would set up camp in Peshawar from 15th of this month as luckily the dates of Asian Senior Team event were changed. Jamshed would travel to Punjab for a week to train female players and Gogi Alauddin would assist Jamshed as we would not compromise on lesser coaches.

He said he had detailed meetings with PSA and they are willing to release their players for the camp and after one month we would shift the camp to Mushaf Mir Complex in Islamabad. He said Hashim Khan Squash Complex was fine enough for training and could hold international events as well and there was nothing wrong in training there.