Lahore  - Qazi Hussain Ahmed has been an undisputed leader of the Islamic movements and he struggled for Muslim unity and the enforcement of the Islamic system throughout his life.

Speakers including political and religious leaders, senior journalists and educationists at a conference in memory of late Qazi Hussain Ahmad held here at Alhamra Complex on Sunday said the need for a leader like Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s stature was being felt very badly

The conference was jointly organised by the JI Lahore chapter and the Anjuman-e-Shahrian Lahore.

JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch, in his presidential address, said late Qazi always strived for the solution of the problems of the Ummah and Pakistan and dedicated his life for the struggle to enforce glorious Islamic revolution. He said the Milli Yakjehti Council and the MMA were the outcome of Qazi Sahib’s efforts.

Baloch said late Qazi Sahib had realised the need of Ummah’s unity and this remained the mission of his life. Besides, he said, late Qazi was deeply concerned over the increasing trend of vulgarity and nudity in the media and had field a petition in the Supreme Court to take notice of the problems. He appealed to the chief of the apex court to play his role in this respect in order to check the onslaught of the enemy culture in the society. 

Ahle Hadith leader Prof Sajid Meer, Mujibur Rahman Shami, Prof. Muhammad Aslam Siddiqui, Pir Ejaz Hashmi, Rana Naszur Rahman and Hafiz Raza Kazam, President of the Women and Family Commission Begum Samiha Raheel Qazi and Asif Luqman Qazi also spoke.