From Sibi to Quetta the beautiful train journey has now become unsafe because of attacks by terrorists. Of late UNO is concerned about ‘state terrorism’ in Baluchistan, strangely enough it is unable to see violations of human rights and state terrorism of the Indian army in Indian held Kashmir. It is not concerned about the genocide of Muslims in Arakan, Myanmar; the blockade of Gaza by Jewish terrorists. The killings of Muslims are justified by the UN that is controlled and paid by Jews and anti-human government of the USA but not in Baluchistan.

Amazingly the UNO does not object to the terrorists sponsored by RAW and MOSSAD who enter Pakistan from Afghanistan, attack its defence installations, security personnel, check posts on Afghan border, and murder innocent Pakistanis. Why all types of human rights violations are visible to them only in Baluchistan? I believe Pakistan media, knowingly or unknowingly, has played a major role in earning a bad name for the country. Does anyone in Pakistan know that in Assam curfew was imposed in many districts for last several months? No, because Indian media has behaved ‘sensibly’. In Madras and other eastern coastal areas, with night the rule and law of Naxalites prevails. The UN fails to see the inhuman use of force by Indian machinery against them nor does Indian media publish or telecast any news that may defame India.

The Nawaz Sharif government, while extending hands of friendship towards India, must keep Baluchistan on top of its agenda.


Lahore, December 27.