JACOBABAD - A tribal jirga imposed Rs 1.2 million fine on a 'karo kari' accused besides giving his two daughters in 'vani' here on Sunday.

According to details, a policeman, Samad Banglani, hailing from village Gai Khan Banglani of Jacobabad, some two months ago gunned down his two wives after declaring them ‘kali’ with a tribesman, Sanaullah Banglani.

Mir Jahangir Khan Banglani, an elder of Banglani tribe, made the decision of giving Sanaullah Banglani’s two daughters in 'vani' and imposing the fine on him.  On the other hand, Sanaullah Banglani said the charge was false and baseless. He added he was being punished for not casting his vote in favour of the influential people in the general elections. He appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan and other high officials to provide justice to him.