LAHORE- Ruling out any distinction between the good or bad Taliban, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif  said, a joint strategy would be employed to eliminate ruthless beasts from the soil.

Addressing a symposium, Shahbaz praised the sacrifices of the military, police and the people of Pakistan in the war on terrorism. “The civil-military leadership has devised a mutual plan to cope with terrorism menace in the country and a joint strategy will be employed to eliminate all the brutal beasts,” he said.

The CM said the distinction between good or bad Taliban no more exists, adding, “All terrorists are evil and it is a now-or-never case in order to root out terrorism.” He vowed to utilize all the resources to stamp out terrorism. “We will change the course of history by eliminating all terrorists, while strict implementation of the laws is a prerequisite for containing terrorism and extremism in the state,” he ended.