The district police have urged the media to play a key role for bridging the “wide” gulf between the police and the public.

Addressing a press conference at his office, the newly posted DPO of Mandi Bahauddin said that the main mission of the police was to protect the life and property of citizens and provide oppressor with justice. He pledged to leave no stone unturned for the mission.

Raja Basharat admitted that people had nourished hatred against police over the way the policemen deal with them. He added that he had already directed his subordinates to pay proper respect to the complainants. No one’s self-respect be injured, he directed.

“Public should also appreciate the policemen over their performance. Police personnel work day and night and confront with criminals and terrorists. This task is very risky as they do it at the risk of their life,” he said. He asked the public to cooperate with police in their campaign against crime. He asked the public to point out weaknesses of police. Reporting be positive and not aimed at increasing rating, he asked the media. He said when the public, media and police understand the value of cooperating each other for common cause of promoting welfare of the common man, their effort to curb terrorism and crime would bring positive results.

“If the intention is good and one does the task in good faith, Allah helps him greatly to succeed in the mission,” he said. He added that his powers as DPO was a sacred trust on him, and vowed to use the same for ending crime in the society. He said any mistake during performance of duty being done in good faith was excusable but the mistake committed with malafide intention would be tolerated.