NEW DELHI- Indian army chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag today said, Pakistan is supporting a proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir with the help of terrorists, and this reflected Islamabad's desperation.

Speaking to media, Dalbir Singh said, "Our threats and challenges have been growing because of the active borders. There have been recent strikes by the terrorists that reflect their desperation. It also indicates that the infrastructure or the camps which are there across the border are intact," said General Suhag.

"Pakistan is supporting a proxy war in J-K despite the number of casualties within their region. It is the pure effect from Afghanistan, due to the evolving situation there, is being watched carefully by us," he added.

The army chief further said that the number of terrorists gunned down by army and other forces have certainly increased in last year. "In 2014, we have hit highest elimination of terrorists- 104 by the army and another six by other forces. In total 110 terrorists were neutralized in 2014 as against 65 in the previous year. Therefore, the effectiveness of the security forces is the reason of the confidence that people have in them," he added.