The District Police arrested 3,672 criminals including 3,090 proclaimed offenders (POs) of different categories during 2014.

According to the DPO office statement, at least 6,049 cases were registered and stolen property worth Rs60.1 million was recovered. The crime rate showed downward trend in the district during 2014, said a District Police spokesman.

The Jhang police also succeeded in arrest top-ten proclaimed offender having Rs1 million head money Ibrar alias Ibrari and also busted 10-gangs and arrested 38 offenders of these gangs involved in cases of heinous nature.

The police held 3,090 notorious proclaimed offenders involved in dacoity, robbery, murder and other cases of heinous nature.

In previous year, 475 court absconders and 69 army deserters were also arrested.

In 2014, the police were registered 6,049 cases across the district which is less as compared to registered cases of 2013.

In last year, 123 cases of murders, 78 cases of assault, 575 cases of injury,231 cases of kidnapping, 107 cases of prostitution, 44 cases of traffic incidents, 55 cases of rape, 51 cases of dacoity, 144 cases of stolen, 53 cases of theft, 186 cases of burglary, 11 cases of car lifting, 165 cases of motorcycle lifting, 143 cases of cattle stolen, 435 cases of general stolen, 803 cases of narcotics, 1,059 cases under illegal arm acts, 62 cases of gambling, 208 cases under amplifier act and 1,516 miscellaneous cases were registered. In past year, The recovered 40-kg of heroin, 2,98-kg of chars, 6-kg of opium, 11,172 bottles of liquor and 35 still working were recovered. They also recovered 767 pistols, 203 guns, 95 rifles, 18 Kalashnikovs, 46 revolvers and 41342 cartridges during correspondent period.