Cashing in on the poor law and order in the country, the private security guards’ providers have raised the wages of guards while shopkeepers have created artificial shortage of metal detectors and barbed wires thereby increasing their prices.

There was a big increase in the prices of barbed wires, which were being sold at Rs280 to 300 per kg instead of Rs100 to 120 per kg. There was more than 100 percent increase in its price n Sialkot district.

The prices of metal detectors have been increased by 300 percent and selling at Rs4,800 per detector in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Uggoki, Pasrur, Badiana and surrounding areas.

Likewise, the private security agencies have increased the salaries of their security guards up to Rs15,000 per month per guard from to Rs12,000. Local social, education, religious and political circles have expressed grave concern over the big hike. They urged the government to take notice of the unbearable hike in this regard.

Meanwhile, police and other law-enforcing agencies have started checking the legal validity of the private security agencies, their communication systems, their reputation, character of their private security guards, their ammunition and their licenses.