Pakistan has become a corrupt country overtaken by terrorists. No word can console the parents who lost their children. These terrorists are not only the enemies of one faction or group; they are the enemies of Pakistan. The Peshawar incident reminds me of Beslan School Hostage crisis which took place in September 2004, in Russia, It lasted for three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children) ending with the death of 385 people. In the wake of this tragedy, Russian Government brought a number of reforms. The Kremlin consolidated its control over media and increasingly attacked the non-governmental organisations (especially those foreign-founded). It proceeded to toughen laws on terrorism and expanded the powers of law enforcement agencies. Russian Foreign minister rejected every criticism from USA and other countries considering it an internal matter. These reforms marked the end of mass terrorism in and around Chechnya.

In the backdrop of Peshawar incident, the government needs to take more proactive steps to root out the menace of terrorism from this soil. Operation Zarb-e-Azb has been launched and ISPR has already announced success. More steps are required on national level. Terrorists are spreading in the guise of religious and social reformists. Pakistan needs one policy for all kind of terrorists whether sectarian, political or social. There should be no distinction in dealing with enemies of Pakistan who have shaken the roots of this country.

PM decision to lifting moratorium on death penalty, in terrorism cases and to shun the policy of distinction between good and bad Taliban is a decision in right direction. We hope that government will take more tough steps to purify and purge this land.


Lahore, December 18.