December 16, 2014 will be remembered as ‘Black Day’ in the History of Pakistan. Gruesome killing of innocent children in APS Peshawar is condemnable in the strongest possible words. This is what a common man can do but those at the helm must act and act fast. Mere lip service or condemnation will not work. We request the Chief of Army Staff, COAS and Premier Nawaz to act fast before it’s too late. A grand force should be established to curb terrorism in Pakistan. This grand force must comprise of PAK ARMY, PAF, Naval Marines, Police, FC, Rangers and civil Agencies like IB, ISI, and FIA. Where there is will there is a way. Terrorism is great hindrance in our development and the nation is suffering.

NACTA must be established on merit if merit is violated such type of incidents will not stop. Terrorism has weakened us but we should be determined to curb it. This nation has had enough now General Raheel must know that our Civil set up has failed. If USA and UK can counter terrorism why can’t we? Only thing lacking in our case is will. Being a Pakistani we all are grief stricken today, but we must come out of trivial matters like Joint Sessions of Parliament, Press Conferences and Counter Press Conferences. We have witnessed all the parties rushing to the scene and scores of them appeared on TV, condemned the attack, but we must ask how these terrorists get support?


Islamabad, December 16.