Gul Hamaad Farooqi


The residents of Sosom Valley (Karimabad) held a protest meeting at polo ground under the chair of Syed Jamaat Shah to voice concern over the inordinate delay in reconstruction of Hasanabad Bridge which was damaged by floods in 2010 and absence of basic facilities here the other day.

Addressing the protest meeting, the speakers regretted that since creation of Pakistan, no developmental project could be executed in this scenic valley, having more than 14,000 population. They claimed that there was no higher secondary school or college for boys or girls, no Basic Health Unit, no Utility store and other facility. They said that Hasanabad Bridge was damaged by tremendous flood in 2010 but it could not be completed since then.

They lamented that main road of Sosom and Karimabad valley was in a dilapidated condition as it took three hours for only 25 km road due ditches, no side walls and so many blind turns. The irate residents said that more than 11 precious lives had lost in different mishap on this road, adding that the area was still deprived of electricity facility in this era of information technology.

They lashed out that MNA Iftikharuddin who had announced two years ago that Sosom Road was handed over to the Communication and Works Department for construction. They also criticized MPA Saleem Khan who attempted to get credit for the road construction but the road condition could not be changed despite lapse of two years.

They said that there was no health facility for people of the valley and they had to carry womenfolk during pregnancy to Chitral hospital, adding that sometime the women delivered baby on the way or expire before reaching hospital due to bad condition of the road. On the occasion, through an unanimous resolution, the residents demanded initiation of work on Hasanabad Bridge and Sosom Road immediately.

They also set Feb 1st as deadline for the construction of Hassanabad Bridge and Sosom Road, warning that the residents would be forced to kick off a massive protest if the government failed to meet the deadline.

Muhammad Yaqub, Sultan Shah, Syed Niyat Shah, Panah Khan and Syed Mazhar Hussain also spoke on the occasion. The speakers appealed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and The KPK Chief Minister to release their discretionary fund for the construction of 25 km Sosom-Karimabad Road to facilitate the local population. They also demanded the establishment of BHU, colleges for boys and girls and Utility store in the valley.

A large number of people including the women and children participated in the protest.