Islamabad - Senate Sub-Committee on Finance in its meeting has suspended Directed CDA, Parliament House, Mashooq Ali Shaikh, over charges of unsatisfactory sanitary conditions of the Parliament House what it called a dereliction of duty.

The meeting was held at Parliament House here on Monday. The meeting under the chairmanship of Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed was scheduled to look into the management and maintenance issues of Parliament House and Lodges; however, it revolved around a single point agenda.

Mashooq Ali told the sub-committee that 38 sweepers were working in the building. He said soaps were placed on daily basis and sweepers cleaned the washrooms every hour.

Senator Abbas Khan Afridi refused to believe this and asked a staff member of the Secretariat to go and check the bathrooms. He, on return, told the meeting that no soaps were placed there.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed and Senator Abbas Khan Afridi expressed anger over the lie by the Director CDA and said that this would lead to suspension of the same.

Senator Abbas Afridi said that foreign delegates visited this building what impression they might be taking with bad sanitary conditions of Parliament House. He said that they were not demanding facilities for MNAs and Senators but CDA should be concerned about their foreign guests.

The committee meeting discussed in detail the budget allocation, work plans, pending liabilities at the Parliament Lodges and House but the concerned officers gave no satisfactory answers.

Mushahid asked the CDA officers to ensure cleanliness as only small amounts are required for this and why the budget was not being used efficiently.

Director CDA Mashooq Ali and Member Finance CDA Sher Bahadur Arbab told the meeting the budget allocated was insufficient, which led to lack of facilities. Mushahid, however, said there were no excuses for lies and for non-compliance.

The meeting decided to call Chairman CDA to its next meeting scheduled to be held on 26th January.

Senator Abbas Khan Afridi, Additional Secretary Senate Dr. Parvaiz Abbas, Joint Secretary Senate Maj. (R) Hasnain Haider, Joint Secretary Senate Hafeezullah Shaikh, Additional Secretary Ministry of Finance Haque Nawaz and Member Finance CDA, Sher Bahadur Arbab attended the meeting besides others.