LAHORE - A unanimous resolution yesterday was passed by the Supreme Court Bar Association, calling Pakistan to remain impartial in conflict between Iran and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Supreme Court Bar Association through its executive committee urged the government to play a role of arbitrator in the conflict instead of joining any Arab coalition and keep the interest of the country on top priority.

The bar took this decision after Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Bin Salman visited Pakistan and sought Pakistan support in the prevailing conflict in Arab countries.

The bar leadership apprehended that there would be difficulties for Pakistan if it joined Saudi Coalition. Iran is the neighboring country, they stated. The bar’s resolution said OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) should play an effective role to reconcile the KSA-Iran dispute.

SCBA’s president Syed Ali Zafar addressed the meeting. He said Pakistani Muslims of all countries were equal. He said Pakistan enjoyed brotherly relations with both KSA and Iran.

“Pakistan should not send its military to join Arab countries,” said Zafar. Larger number lawyers were also present there on the occasion.