ISLAMABAD - Former interior minister Senator Rehman Malik yesterday wrote a letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban-ki Moon seeking his intervention on the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict.

Senator Malik - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior - asked the UN chief to play an important role to cool down the growing tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He said both the countries were important for the unity between Muslim countries and their relations with rest of the world.

Senator Malik proposed a UN General Assembly session to discuss ways and means to settle the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He said UN silence over the issue was disappointing and the whole world. Highlighting Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s efforts towards restoration of peace in different conflicted areas of the world, Senator Malik said he appreciated the extraordinary struggle for global peace.

He said the world was facing the menace of terrorism in shape of Daesh after the Al-Qaeda and “these monsters can be defeated only if all the nations across the world get united and have a strong will.”

He warned the ultimate benefit of Saudi-Iran conflict will go to the terrorists especially Daesh.

“The burning issues and the continued aggression by Daesh/ISIS in the Middle East and other regions including West should be an eye opener for the UN/ International Community and hence appropriate steps are necessary to be taken on time to prevent Daesh/ISIS from capitalising and further expansion,” he added. Malik said concrete efforts were needed to make the world peaceful for the billions of people.