Every year at the death anniversary of slain Benazir Bhutto, it has been claimed that the PPP bigwigs know about the murderers of the leader but it is not incomprehensible as why her killers could not be arrested so far.

Naheed Khan, former political secretary to slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto stated while talking to the media here the other day.

Naheed Khan along with his spouse Dr Safdar Abbasi visited the residence of late PPP CEC member Ghiasuddin Janbaz and offered condolence to the family.She said that it has almost been eight years since Benazir Bhutto was assassinated but her murderers could not be traced or arrested so far. She said that her driver who is now employee of Asif Ali Zardari has given a statement that, she (Naheed) had asked BB to stand out of the vehicle to reply the masses. She said that the driver was himself a gentleman but was forced to say what his master directed him to say. Otherwise it was a question when Scotland Yard police or UN team investigated the murder case why the driver was not asked to record his statement before the investigator,” she quested.

To a question, Naheed Khan said that Shaheed BB fell over her soon after the attack and her clothes were spoiled due to her blood but no one asked her to handover the blooded clothes to police or any investigator. She added that no one even questioned her about the murder of Benazir neither from her husband Safdar Abbasi nor from late Makhdoom Amin Fahim who were also in the same vehicle. Naheed claimed that Zardari was not interested in pursuing the case and this proof her allegation that no one from Zardari side ever appears in any court during trial of the murder case.

Moreover, the former PPP stalwart said that if Bilawal wants to succeed in politics, he must distance himself from Zardari who got himself elected as chairman PPP Parliamentarian after the death of Amin Fahim. She said that the doors of her house are always open for Bilawal. She urged Islamabad high court chief justice to order the trial court judge to take up her under trial case in IHC, pending for the last two and half year.

Dr Safdar Abbasi who is also chairman PPP-Workers Party, said that Zardari is unlawfully leading the party and real owner of the party is its workers. He said that his party is the genuine representative of PPP workers so they should join it. Both Naheed and Safdar also visited the houses of late Mian Inaam Akhtar and advocate Safdar Nasir Chohan and condoled with their families.