What went wrong with PTI in the Local Bodies elections, is the most important question that Imran khan should ponder upon. Now the third phase of local bodies elections is completed and PML(N) has won a landsliding victory in Punjab, PPP in Sindh and MQM in Karachi whereas in all these areas PTI could just be able to secure a nominal victory. Now PTI’s lovers are selling this idea that it doesn’t matter that we have lost in local bodies elections because our victory is this that our party has reached to the grass-root level all around. This is a very naive argument. Instead of thinking that what exactly went wrong with us they are justifying their terrible defeat. Imran khan has to ponder upon this that just massive crowd in Jalsas doesn’t give you the certificate of victory in the election rather practical steps taken for the betterment and the prosperity of the public could only ensure your victory. Moreover, Imran khan has to side himself away from all those so-called political experts who have led him to take wrong decisions. A leader doesn’t need anyone to take decision whereas khan lacks this thing in his personality. Its the right time for PTI to think that what exactly went wrong and that wrong has to be made right if PTI wants to perform well in upcoming General-elections in 2018.


Lahore, December 6.