SIALKOT -  A large number of students and teachers participated in a walk taken out to educate the public about the dangers of narcotics, on the premises of Govt College Women University (GCWU).

Vice Chancellor Dr Farhat Saleemi led the walk. The participants were carrying the banners and placards and they also chanted anti-drugs slogans. The VC told newsmen that the students and teachers of English Department had already launched a month-long anti drugs campaign in Govt College Women University (GCWU).

She stressed a need for motivation of drugs addicts towards the positive and healthy activities in a bid to halt the usage of drugs in the young generation. She added that the addicts could also be made the useful citizens of the society through proper medical treatment, their rehabilitation, care, love, affection and the positive social attitude.

She said that the students are the national assets and the future of the nation. The provision of drugs free educational atmosphere is their basic right and prime responsibility of the nation, she said.

She said, “It is the social and moral obligation of all of us to come forward and play our pivotal role in motivating the drugs addicts towards positive and healthy activities for making them the useful citizens of the society, besides, curbing the menace of the drugs addiction.” Experts also stressed a need to start working in halting the use of the drugs in the educational institutions as well.