Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan says those involved in theft of a thousand rupees are in the jails while thieves of billions are free.

“ those who have committed theft of a thousand rupee are behind the bars and those indulged in robbery of million of rupees are free. NAB be handed over to me for three months. I will hang all looters upside down. There is need to change Prime Minister (PM) rather than NAB ordinance”, he said this while talking to journalists outside Supreme Court (SC) here Friday.

He underlined “ there is very difficult to find out a Sadiq and Amin in the country I have heard new Qatari letter is coming. Rulers stand mired in Panama case.

He held “ PM himself said that he has all the evidence. But we came to know in the court that he has no evidence. Therefore, PM is escaping from the court. PM is answerable in the democracy and not the dictator. PM is giving replies to allegations which is not an act of kindness on his part.

PML-N walas are afraid of court and they are now escaping the court, he said. Counsel for PM is finding excuses. It seems from their arguments that it is difficult to find a Sadiq and Amin in the country.

Sharif family never told they are owners of May fair flats. No one is talking about Maryam Nawaz as beneficiary owner. But ICIJ has already said Maryam Nawaz is beneficiary owner. While PM does not know his children have become billionaire, he underlined.

He went on to say that no money trail has come to fore so far. But it is there every where that he has indulged in money laundering. It is very clear at 4 places. However it seems that 4 eye witnesses are must in connection with the theft of PM.

He held there is need of changing the prime minister not NAB Ordinance. “ He said a ‘corrupt’ prime minister will never let National Accountability Bureau (NAB) do accountability. He said the prime minister had claimed that they had all the proofs but it was revealed in the court that they had not.

He said the entire Western World holds their leaders up to these standards of morality and leaders can not lie. Imran said the prime minister has lied about billions of corruption. The PTI Chief said a Prime Minister who says he has no idea that his children had become billionaires according to his lawyers. “They today have shown that they have no evidence of any business money trails and are hiding behind technicalities that Article 62 and 63 do not apply to the Prime Minister”, Imran added. He questioned that why is no one talking about the fact that Maryam is a beneficiary owner and the time when the flat was purchased she did not have the financial capability to buy the apartments.

Imran Khan said there is some new letter apparently coming from Qatar as well. “They repeatedly said that had documentation and money trails”, he added. He said we brought the FIA report, we brought the BBC documentary with the same money trail and there is the Al Toufeek judgment which had the 4 flats attached.

“And then there was the Ishaq Dar affidavit which matched the FIA findings about the Kazi family”, Imran said. He further added that this is a defining moment for Pakistan. Imran Khan said this is the time that will decide is the law equal for the small thief who steals a cycle and languishes in jail for years, and the powerful who steal billions.

“His lawyer is trying to prove that special circumstances apply to the prime minister and for people need to see him actually stealing money.

“In National Assembly, N-league representatives stood for his innocence saying he's the prime minister you cannot hold him accountable”. “The speaker of the Parliament refused to forward our reference”, Imran added.

He said without any choice we had to hit the streets to bring this case to the courts, which it finally did. “Today in court N-league representatives were scrambling; Panama issue did not even come up as they were trying to hide behind technicalities”, Imran said. He further added that Panama came out of sheer bad luck for the Sharifs and this corruption has been suspected for decades but they kept saying bring evidence. PTI chief said they are saying that the law does not apply to the prime minister. Imran questioned how can they make such statements? He said NAB has been a failure and it has failed to catch the powerful and the corrupt.

“All the law making against corruption has failed and our PTI representatives will revisit this law and ask for its amendment in collaboration with other political parties. He said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) knows that daily there is 12 billion corruption in Pakistan. “One case of Panama corruption which goes into billions equals the amount of money stolen.