NAROWAL/SIALKOT -  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday said the government was removing disappointment from the country by leading the nation and the country towards peace and prosperity.

Addressing the participants of a ceremony held in Narowal in connection with issuing health cards to local low-income people under PM’s National Health Programme, Nawaz Sharif vowed to continue the journey of socio-economic, human development and masses’ prosperity in the country despite all the hurdles being created by the political opponents.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ch Ahsan Iqbal, State Minister Saira Afzal Tarar, MNA Ch Daniyal Aziz, Narowal District Council Chairman Ahmed Iqbal, Punjab Finance Minister Dr Aysha Ghaus, Punjab Health Minister Khawaja Salman Rafiq and local MPAs were also present on this occasion.

Nawaz formally launched the PM’s Health Card Programme in the district and termed it a revolutionary step for public health, adding 134,000 low-income families of the district would benefit from it.

The prime minister stated the government would provide funds for complete medical treatment of the poor. He said the PM’s National Health Card Programme would also be extended to the entire country.

He affirmed deserving people would get free-of-cost advanced medical treatment of seven dangerous diseases at government and private hospitals through this health card.

Nawaz averred Pakistan was rapidly moving towards economic and political stability. He asserted the masses had become mature politically and had rejected the negative politics being done by some politicians to weaken the country’s growing economic roots and create hurdles in the smooth way of economic and political stability.

He said: “We have a heavy mandate to construct roads and motorways while our opponents have their evil designs to come on the roads to lodge their protest for nothing.”

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asserted the masses would reject these elements again in 2018 general elections as well and bring the PML-N into power due to its marvellous performance in every sphere of life.

The PM said the government was committed to rooting out terrorism at all cast. He saluted the entire nation for bravely fighting terrorism.

The prime minister announced 2018 would be the year of ending power loadshedding in the country, adding there would be smooth provision of sufficient and cheaper electricity in 2018. He claimed the situation of power loadshedding was much better as compared to that in 2013.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said terrorists were taking their last breath in Pakistan due to the ongoing successful operation, Zarb-e-Azb. He saluted the armed forces, law-enforcing agencies and the masses for fighting terrorism. He asserted the whole nation stood united against terrorism and was ready to sacrifice even their lives while battling against terrorism shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces.