RAHIM YAR KHAN - An expert recommended some preventive measures regarding occupational injuries at workplaces to save the precious human lives of employees and financial losses.

District Emergency Officer Abdul Sattar Babar briefed the meeting about the details of occupational injuries in District Rahim Yar Khan. The information was compiled and analysed by Rescue 1122 for the prevention and mitigation of incidents of occupational injuries in the future.

The data of the workplace emergencies was keenly analysed and the findings of investigation reports of incidents made obvious the various causes of these emergencies. Casual attitude of the management of the workplace towards the safety, non existence of emergency preparedness plans, lack of awareness regarding the importance of PPE/ safety trainings, careless and non-professional attitude/ poor working practices by the employees, poor maintenance regime of machinery and equipment, lack of supervision/ monitoring and poor working environment etc. were some main causes which were founded behind such incidents.

He stated that it should be ensured that each factory has a safety officer/ representative for daily safety inspection of control measures and to ensure the proper use of PPEs. The industries must be bounded to obtain a certificate from Rescue 1122 safety survey. All industries/ factories should be bounded to prepare their emergency preparedness plans and conduct mock exercises on annual basis to handle any untoward incident and same should also be submitted to Rescue 1122. Arrangements should be made for the conduction of general workplace safety trainings, basic life support, fire fighting training to all the employees of each factory from Rescue 1122 on bi-annual basis.

Provision of medical emergency kit bags and sufficient number of fire extinguishers at strategic locations at the work places and factories should be ensured. Circulation of an intimation letter to all employers of the industries, that a police case will be registered against factory/workshop owner due to any occupational injury to their employees in case of safety lapses should be issued, he said.

“Safety signs and instructions must be displayed at workplaces regarding the hazards and risks. Conduction of risk assessment as per safety checklist prepared by Rescue 1122 for different workplaces and must be submitted to Rescue 1122 on annual basis. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the chamber of commerce and Rescue 1122 may be signed for the provision of assistance to carry out the above precautionary measures in all industries. All the factories should be bounded for the provision of compliance certificate to the Chamber of Commerce and Rescue 1122 after fulfilling the above mentioned precautionary measures on annual basis” he said.

He also stressed the arrangement of a meeting of all members of chamber of commerce & industries with Rescue 1122 on annual basis to share the data regarding the occupational injuries and incidents for prevention and mitigation purpose.

Rescue 1122 believes that by promoting the safety in the industries and the risk to the human lives and property can be reduced to significant level, he said.