Kami Sid, an activist representing Pakistan’s transgender community shot to success after she made her debut into the fashion world. Recently, the glamorous diva has been in the limelight as she is all set to be seen in a Pakistani short movie ‘Rani’.

The short film delivers a clear message for the rights of transgender community. Sid debuted in the fashion industry as a model in November 2016, with photographer Haseeb M. Siddiqui, with an aim to end stereotypes related to transgender community living in Pakistan.

The movie, 'Rani', is directed by US-based director Hammad Rizvi and produced by Karachi-based production house GrayScale. It is still in the post-production phase after it was shot in October, says Kami.

She further tells that the movie portrays the capabilities of transgenders.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is a country that is a witness to transgender violence. In the past year, over 45 transgenders were killed just in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In May, a 23-year-old Alisha was gunned down and was denied treatment at a hospital which later led to her tragic demise. Adding to the list of incidents are various videos and images storming on social media showing violence towards transgender community.

Kami Sid holds a firm belief in putting an end to the violence and phobia of transgender community, diminishing the limits set for them in the country along with a treatment like ordinary human beings.