LAHORE - Insaf Professionals Forum has urged the government to make serious efforts on diplomatic fronts to save the waters of Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference at a local hotel yesterday, IPF Chairperson Dr Yasmin Rashid stressed the need for paying more attention to water issue than efforts to save prime minister and his family from Panama leaks.

“With no proper water policy things will go from bad to worse. It is important that a comprehensive policy is made in consultation with all the parties so that the water of Pakistan can be saved,” she said.

Co-Chairperson IPF Andaleeb Abbas, MPA Sheneela Ruth, Dr Nadeem Khawaja, Sajid Bari, Brig (r) Naeem Sadiq, Adil Mansoor, Majid Rafiq, Adnan Jamil, Javed Ch, Waseem Ali, Nauman Chatha and Rana Akhtar Hussain were also present.

Dr Yasmin Rashid termed losing case on diversion of water from Kishanganga river in the international court of arbitration a big blow, saying it would affect the generation capacity of Jhelum hydroelectric project by 13 per cent.

“River Indus is the lifeline of Pakistan. India has violated Indus Water Treaty at least 10 times. Some of the violations are Baglihar, Kishanganga and Chutak projects. Now Indian PM Nirendra Modi is evaluating the option of abrogating the treaty to devastate Pakistan by floods or droughts”, she said, adding, the government should wake up and devise a comprehensive water strategy.