LAHORE -  Spokesman for National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore claimed on Thursday that the Bureau had recovered Rs285 billion from corrupts and deposited in government treasury during the last two years.

In a detailed report about two-year’s performance of Lahore Bureau, Director General NAB Lahore said after inception Bureau’s regional office exposed many mega corruption cases and arrested 1,115 persons including bureaucrats, businessmen, real estate agents, police officials, government and non-government personnel. At least 281 criminals had been arrested in last two years, 156 arrests made in 2015 and 125 in 2016 which was record no of arrests made by NAB Lahore in two consecutive years.

NAB Lahore received 12,835 complaints since 2015 out of which 12,308 were disposed of. As many as 4,866 complaints were received in 2015 and 4,874 were disposed of in the same year. While 7,969 complaints received in 2016 out of which 7,433 complaints were disposed of in the same year. In 2015, he said, NAB Lahore authorised 258 complaint verification and 271 were disposed of, while 606 complaint verifications (CV) were authorised out of which 539 CVs were disposed of. As many as 864 complaints were authorised for verification and 810 complaint verifications were disposed of in 2015 and 2016. NAB Lahore authorised 418 inquiries in 2015-16 out of which 388 inquiries were disposed of till date.

According to DG NAB Lahore 82 investigations were authorized by the Bureau and collectively 119 investigations were disposed of in the same year. Whereas, 125 investigations were authorised and 127 investigations disposed of in 2016. So, 207 investigations were authorised and 246 investigations were disposed of in last two years while NAB Lahore authorised 1,108 investigations since inception out of which 1,078 investigations were disposed of till date.

The DG NAB further said that Lahore Bureau had filed 974 references in accountability courts since formation of the Lahore office and 225 references in different cases from 2015 till 2016; 98 references were filed in 2015 with amount involved Rs6,585.61 million and 127 references were filed in 2016 with amount involved Rs12,814.95 million which summed up to Rs19,400.5 million against 655 accused. As many as 86 references were decided by the courts, 37 references were decided in 2015 and 49 in 2016. He said NAB Lahore’s conviction rate remained 53 percent in 2015, as well, 94 percent in 2016 which was the highest percentage in NAB Lahore’s history.

Talking about the recovered money, he said, Rs 1,373 million were recovered in 2015 and Rs1,897 million in 2016 making a total of Rs3.27billion.

“Chairman NNAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry after assuming the charge of his duties has chalked out a comprehensive National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS). Under NACS, NAB has adopted ‘Zero-Tolerance Policy’ and a proactive approach to curb corruption and corrupt practices from our society,” he maintained.