With reference to the traditional Islamic narratives, women in pre-Islamic eras had almost no rights. They were not considered equal to men and were thus dictated under strict system. They were treated as objects and were constantly humiliated.

They had a very little control over their marriages; they were also ineligible to inherit property. In one system of marriage in the pre-Islamic era woman were forced into sexual relations with around tem men and when she got pregnant the men would gather and a skilled individual would be called to recognize the likeliness of the baby to one man. In that time, the purpose of women was considered just reproduction. The birth of a female child was considered a burden and a disgrace which led to the common occurrence of female infanticide in the most brutal of ways. So much so that it was even considered as an evil omen. Even in terms of inheritance, the son would inherit majority of the assets left behind.


Turbat, December 1.